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Kathy Strauss' recent work on paper focuses primarily on monotypes of images from space featuring inked calculus problems that are related to the printed images. In many of these calculations, Strauss formulates her own problem and solves it; in others she explores the work of pioneers such as Henrietta Swan Leavitt and Edwin Hubble and presents their work and solves related problems under her printed images. Other new work features block prints of anatomical or marine biological subjects, or images from space that have been embroidered. The embroidery on the prints has explored wide-ranging subjects relating to the images, from the fusion of matter to anatomical details.

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Parasitic 3Parasitic 2Fragile 1Revealed 9 Infectivity 4 Revealed 1 (Infection)Revealed 2Revealed 3Revealed 4Revealed 7SearchRevealed 8 (Raw Nerves)Revealed 5 (Bleeding Out)Lab Notebook 18Lab Notebook 17Lab Notebook 15Lab Notebook 14 (State of My Heart)Lab Notebook 13Lab Notebook 12Lab Notebook 11Lab Notebook 9Lab Notebook 6 Lab Notebook 5  Undercurrents 11, Limulus Reproduction Roche LimitFusion, Lunar (Olivine)Fusion, Nebula (p+, e-)Fusion, Comet Water SourceElemental, AsteroidFusion, Galaxy (Elemental) Undercurrents 1, Sargasso SeaUndercurrents 2, AnnelidaUndercurrents 3, Limulus CirculationUndercurrents 4, Limulus Life CycleUndercurrents 5, Oyster Toad CirculationUndercurrents 6, Oyster ToadExposed 1Exposed 2Exposed 3Exposed 4Wound 1 (Pott’s Disease)Palimpsest 4Palimpsest 3Palimpsest 2Palimpsest 1HowisonUnderneath 1HowisonUnderneath 2Untitled (E. coli)AlphaLeavitt Underneath 1Hubble Underneath 1Leavitt Underneath 2Hubble Underneath 2Hubble Underneath 3Hubble Underneath 4Einsteins Tensors Underneath 1Newton UnderneathKepler Underneath 1Kepler Underneath 2Kepler Underneath 11Kepler Underneath 12Kepler Underneath 13Kepler Underneath 7Kepler Underneath 8Kepler Underneath 9Kepler Underneath 10